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homestar_runner's Journal

Come on by... we're always awesome!
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"Oh, Hewwo!"

Welcome to homestar_runner! This community has two rules.

  1. Posts must be on-topic and relative to Homestar Runner

  2. Try not to post anything that's been posted before.
To help you with this, we have these tools to help you:

The FAQ            The ABP*

( * Already Been Posted list )

If you have a "What email did _______ happen in question",
try searching on HRWiki.org

The basic rule of thumb is this: If there's something on the Homestar Runner website that is NOT listed under the "what's new" on any of the Menu Pages, it is considered known material and -has- been discussed here before. Because of this standard it is very important to remember that the ABP does NOT list any Homestar Runner site content. If something -is- new, just check the front page of the community here to see is someone else has already talked about it. Either way, try to limit discussion of that one topic to that one post.

For further assistance with any questions you may have, we also have an archive of Strong Bad Email Reports and "Strong Bad Email Secrets". There's also the ABP, which archives previous discussions on numerous topics, and the FAQ, which covers... well, frequently asked questions. Check out all our informational sources prior to posting and you may find your question is already answered. Now, onto the meat:

What follows is a more detailed listing of the two rules, with examples to eliminate any confusion.

A note: Don't be fearful of posting!! You are not going to "get in trouble" for making an honest mistake, and please know that flaming is a warnable offense... so don't worry about people berating you. We try to keep this a fun and light-hearted community, so enjoy your stay!

Posts are to be limited to original content, and are to be H*R related. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Any other posts that go against the following rules will be subject to warning. If the same member need be warned more than once for the same offense, deletions will follow. If the problem persists, bans can and will occur.

And now... the examples!


   1.   "Here's something new on the H*R website!"

Please keep in mind that the key word here is NEW. If it's on the website and it's more than a couple hours old, people know about it. If it's really old and there's something about it that you JUST discovered, people already know about it. Also, please limit new content posts to ONE entry. That means that if one person posted that there was a new Teen Girl Squad or something, posting the same is now restricted. However, if an old file has received an update, it's ok to post about once as well.

"Something new? Checkitoutcheckitout--!"

   2.    "Here's some real life experience involving H*R!"

   3.    "Here's something H*R related in some other form of media!"

Again, keep in mind that these are as well to be limited to ONE entry. For example, if H*R was in a magazine and someone posted about it, posting the same thing is restricted.

   4.    Discussion of the community itself.

This is fine to post about, as long as the poster AND the commenters are able to keep it cool-headed.


   1.    Anything that has already been posted before. ( See the ABP and FAQ )

   2.    Any one-liner posts, such as "TROGDOOOOOR!" or "I got a shirt!"

   3.    Anything related to the H*R website that is NOT NEW .


Again, if it's more than a couple hours old, no matter how new it seems to you, it's known content. This should also cover posting additional entries for Easter Eggs. If someone posts about new H*R content, the place to talk about Easter Eggs is in the comments section of that post.

   4.    Posts with the comments disabled. BAD KITTY. Comment-disabled posts will be deleted.

   5.    New posts that belong in the comments section of another previous post

"A challenge!?"

It seems common sense, but this has happened before. This INCLUDES H*R quizzes. If someone posts a H*R quiz, please put your results in the comments section of that post. There's no reason to litter the page with multiple quiz posts. Any occurrences of these examples will be deleted immediately.

   6.    Anything else not H*R related. (deleteable on first offense)

"S'up fools? Flames are only good for roasting
delicious Fluffy Puff Marshmallows!"

That's right, Marshie. Flaming someone in comments is a warnable offense, so keep it chill. If someone makes a questionable post and you feel compelled to comment to them, please be civil. Also, please note that if you flamebait or completely flip out for no reason, you will be treated as any other violator. So, keep it nice.

Other than that, the obvious:

  • Keep it clean.
  • Keep it friendly.
  • Consolidate multiple posts if possible.
  • Keep big images and such behind a LJ-Cut Tag for our friends on dial-up.
  • Don't say "I checked the ABP" or "Don't get mad at me for this" or anything like that to start your post. It's annoying.
  • If someone makes commentary on your post, whether they're nice or less-than-nice, keep your head. "Flipping out" on them will be treated the same as a flame.
  • No locked posts or posts with comments disallowed, please.
  • And pretty please... don't just post for the sake of posting. We get plenty of post traffic as it is, thanks.

Thanks for lending an ear. Now go back to your hilawious lives.


Keep the rules in mind and you're sure to earn plenty of privileges!

Moderated by areleejensen and sirencio and harrywells
Thanks to frankblack for the paid account.