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This is the already been posted list. It is here as both a guide to subjects that have been discussed before, as well as a resource for finding anything you might need which has been offered before. Some of the stuff in here is just for fun, some is because it was cool or interesting, and some is to detain known discussions.

Also, please notice that this list doesn't contain regular parts of the Homestar Runner website or the discussion thereof. That is because, as the rule of thumb goes: If it's new on the site, there will be a recent post about it. If you don't see a recent post and you're wondering if a certain part of the site is new it is not new.

But keep in mind, this list isn't here to intimidate... it's here to help you! It's warm and fuzzy, just like a kitten. Kick back and bask in the usefulness!

Any applicable entries occuring on or after this date are not included here.


Favorite Easter Egg
Favorite Quote
Favorite Strong Bad Email
Favorite H*R Character (with poll)
Favorite Quote to use IRL
"The 20 greatest" SBE's
Least Favorite Character
Favorite Halloween Costume
Favorite Chapman Brother (for the ladies!)



13 Assorted icons
12 assorted icons
"Icon Clean Up" (11 assorted icons)
15 assorted icons
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes SB casio-head
TGS icons
20 assorted icons
2 icons from "mascot"
How to make icons
4 icons from "privileges"
40 Assorted icons
Kick the Cheat
Action Figure SB, Trogdor, H*R, To the Limit SB and Decemberween Bunny
More from "Personal Favorites"
Cheat w/ Keyboard from "Flag Day"
Icons from "funny" and "2 emails"
The Sneak
5 icons from "funny"
Pom-Pom knocking back a "one"
Fhqwhgads chalkboard from "sibbie"
More icons from "sibbie"
Icons from "suntan"
Strongbadia accepts Swedish goods
Icons from The Sneak music video
Two icons from "Anything"
Two more icons from "Anything"
13 Notionicons from the new Characters page
3 more Characters Page icons
6 Notionicons from "Stunt Double"
2 Stinkoman, Trivia Time and Ghost Dog Homsar
11 long-lost Notionicons
SB's fish jig
Stinkoman laughing
Dancing Goblin
6 icons from earlier emails, plus lightswitch rave
10 icons from emails 21-25
Typing Cheat, Mr. Shmallow and Dullard
Camera 2 from "Date"
The Cheat balloon
7 Notionicons from "Impression"
Homestar on soap box and punched by invisible Strong Bad
8 miscellaneous Notionicons
Final Fantasy TGS
Strong Sad with iPod
Subliminal Message Icon
"Weirded Out" from TGS #4
"When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation" from TGS #4
"I love you too, Brett" from TGS #4
Icons by 2049live
Icons from the Puppet Movie
Stinkoman with knife
Notionicons from the 2003 Halloween Toon
S'more OZW icons
Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar
Three icons
Eight icons (mostly of The Cheat)
Eight more icons
Seven icons
Notionicons from "Caffeine"
Creepy-Comb Over Story Strong Bad
Three icons from "Army"
6 icons from "Video Games"
4 icons from misc. emails
9 H*R character icons
2 icons from "The Bet"
One from "Lackey"
6 various icons
Trogdor burninates the Possums icon
Two SB icons
13 assorted icons
Yet another 13 assorted icons
Repost of theevilbunny's icons... Note to self: HEY! STUPID! Go through the list and find all of his old icon posts and take them out!
3 icons from "Stupid Stuff"
American Idol/H*R icon
10 assorted icons
5 icons from "Different Town"
3 notionicons from "Different Town"
8 more icons from "Differnt Town"
Bad candy heart Fhqwhgads icon
'I think my friend and some presidents just flew by'
The Cheat, H* and TGS icons
12 assorted icons
'The S is for 'Snake'... or Dragon'
"Sailing Mishap!!"
Marzipan's Stalker Spray
Several blinkie text icons
6 icons and a banner
Not the Hundredth Email icons
Icons from Emailahundred
About SIXTY assorted icons
13 from Jail Cartoon
'It's not dirt, it's pudding!'
7 assorted icons
2 Stinkoman icons
6 H*R icons, plus some other, unrelated icons
Stinkoman vs Stickman (not LJ compatible)
6 icons from "Powered by the Cheat" and the April Fool's '04 toon
4 icons from "Powered by the Cheat", plus 2 mo'
13 assorted icons
5 from Hip Hop Dance
"Just one" Strong Bad icon
Four Notionicons featuring Duckshirt H*R and others
They Might be Giants/H*R icon
15 assorted icons
3 icons from "Lunch Special"
Icon from "Haircut"
Another icon from "Haircut"
jen_the_great's "Ugly Homestar Runner Icon Website"
Stickly Man
7 assorted icons
Icons of The Cheat, Stinkoman and the KOT
13 assorted icons
The Friggin' Cheat and 3 videa game icons
7 Dance Contest icons plus 5 misc
90+ icon bases


TGS Font
Sadjournal Font

Buddy Icons, Emoticons, Themes and Spirtes

3 AIM Buddy Icons at Badass Buddy
H*R emoticons for MSN
H*R sprites
H*R AIM Theme


Strong Mad "Evil Fingers"
Deserted Island and To the Limit (.png's)
45 Assorted Wallpapers
"Personal Favorites" wallpaper
SB 1936

H*R.org "Am I French?" Wallpaper
5 backgrounds
Wallpaper by 2049live
Wallpaper by thetimetocry
5 TGS wallpapers
2 800x600 wallpapers from TGS 5
System Report wallpaper
TGS Friends Only graphic


How to record sounds and a more thorough explanation
Sounds from SBE#'s 67-69 plus "Best of"
AIM sounds from "Marzipan"
Eh! Steve!
A fan's impression of Homsar
Trogdor in MIDI
Very Low Sodium Band's Tribute to H*R
Trogdor in Brass
The Skate Party - Strong Sad Rocks Out
"Trogdor the Burninator" Lounge version (.mp3)
"Everybody! Everybody! ruined by Homsar" (.mp3)
More Windows Sounds
The Cheat is not dead
Tripleside - Legitimate Business
Bahleeted! (direct link to .wav)
Homsar: "Pishoo!" from characters page
Brent LaRowe's "SugarSpice"
Trogdor Guitar Tab
Brent LaRowe's "Twenty Ecsty Remix"
Brent LaRowe's "Go Dumples!"
Fark Audioedit w/ Everybody to the Limit
The infamous "Tulane Prank Call"
Fark Audioedit featuring H*R
Brent LaRowe's "It's Dot Com"
Audio of Trogdor on Buffy
Trogdor brass sheet music
Brent LaRowe's "Back off, Baby"
Sound clips of "Thnikaman" and "Technochocolate"
Remake of 'The System is Down'
H*R remix to Linkin Park's "Session"
Brent LaRowe's "Thnikkapella"
"Hip Hop Dance" song from the end of "New Boots"
"Of Montreal" and how they coined the name "Homestar Runner".
Hip-Hop remix of "The Cheat is not Dead"
Drum and Bugle Corps version of "Trogdor"
Sounds from SB Email - Haircut
Wiki site with MP3s of They Might Be Giants puppet jams

Mood Themes, Journal Layouts and Skins

LJ H*R Mood Theme
H*R blog layouts
TGS Winamp Skin
Trogdor Layout
H*R Winamp Skin

Cell Phone Ringtones/Etc

Where to find...
H*R theme song
CGNU Fight Song
CGNU (multiple formats)
Strong Bad decorated cell phone

Homestar Runner around the Web

H*R.com Traffic Rating on Alexa
Official H*R.com fanlisting
Dancing Goblin
History of the Internet, including H*R
Homsar on Urban Dictionary
H*R Characters in Legos
Trogdor reference on The Devil's Panties
H*R reference on Mall Monkeys
H*R Meetup
Trogdor reference on 8-Bit Theater
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes on Stick and Move
Homestar Runner, you are my friend!
Hardcore Runner
Homestar Rules
Homestar Runner.ORG
H*R Clique
"Techno" reference on Strange Candy
AweXome Cross, Trogdor and Population Tire on AddictingGames.com
Microsoft "We See" tweaked ad from SomethingAwful.com
H*R shout-out in Theater Hopper
Yet another H*R reference in Mall Monkeys
H*R Fanlisting
H*R on Daily Candy
Troy's Bucket
Road Waffles
Seanism's 404 H*R rip-off
Trogdor on Weebl and Bob
Strong Bad cameo on Red vs. Blue
Homsar appearances fan page
H*R appearance in "Elvis Lives in Flash"
Emotion Eric in a H*R tee
Strong Bad banner on AnimeMusicVideos.org
Yet another crappy reference in Mall Monkeys
Planet Half-Life Mailbag
H*R in "Elvis not Included" on Albinoblacksheep
Ten SB Emails that will never happen
H*R reference in Purple Pussy (crude humor)
H*R references on VGCats
Strong Bad bleachers on Collegehumor.com
Fhqwhgads on Urban Dictionary
Trogdor in stick LOTR
H*R references in Commander Kitty comic
Stinkoman and TGS Dollz
"Wiggidy Wack" on Urban Dictionary
H*R Wikipedia entry
Pom juice and "Badia" spices
H*R reference in Walking is Still Honest
H*R featured clip on bolt.com
H*R reference in Sluggy Freelance
H*R reference in VGCats
Rant on the H*R Encycolpedia


Fan Stuff


Homsar Fanfiction
H*R Night Before Xmas
Fan-made SB Email in text
Short H*R fanfic

-Arts and Crafts


Stinko Sad 20X6
Pimpin' Strong Sad
SB "Deleted!"
Anime Strong bad and Homsar
Human-looking SB
Limozeen Album Cover
3D H*R Art
H*R Star Wars characters
Fondue fanart
Marzipan the Bridesmaid
H*R made of Marshmellows
H*R/Starlioness Furry
H*R as Strong Bad
SB, H*R and The Cheat Anime-style on Deviant Art
Don't taunt Trogdor Caution sign
Trogdor and Legolas
Photoshopped faces
H*R and DoomYote
TGS Sketches
H*R oil painting
Trogdor oil painting
Poopsmith oil painting
H*R Cowboy Bebop Art
From Deviant Art's StrongBadia community
Real Easter Eggs
Strong Bad as The Rolling Stones Logo
Two H*R fanarts, English and Kanji
H*R embroidered pillow
homestar_runner Photoshop challenge!!
Trogdor Post-its at MIT
Pixely H*R and SB
Trogdor Sculpture
H*R in Fimo
Redstar Worker (Soviet H*R)
The White Stripes w/ H*R
Stuffed Cowicoptor
Pattern for Strong Bad Halloween Pumpkin
3D SB and H*R
References in Something Awful's Comedy Goldmine
H*R Valentines
"Real life" H*R character sketches
Schwarzenegger as Trogdor
Poopsmith Tarot card from Something Awfuls' Comedy Goldmine
SB iPod ad
H*R Kill Bill parody wallpaper
Strong Bad/Potter Pals crossover
Strong Bad needle felt thing
Strong Bad needle felt doll
H*R felt doll
The Cheat felt doll

-Animated and Interactive
TGS Ripoff (The Scenesters)
Smurf's "Lost Episode" w/ SB cameo (crude humor)
Pickahu vs. The Cheat fan flash
"Bang bang bang" w/ H*R shout-out
Horrible Newgrounds H*R Fanflash
Matt Wilson's "Not Without my Application" ...or "Jorbs a Plenti"
Ricky the Aborted Fetus Lightswitch Rave
Imagination Animation
Homestar Runner "Switch" Ad
H*R Lite-Brite
Ricky the Aborted Fetus
8-Bit Theater Flash w/ H*R references on Newgrounds
Another horrinle H*R referenced flash from Newgrounds (Car #50)
H*R blinkies and gifs
Cozch Z Menu
H*R in Newgrounds pre-loader for "Love, Wink"
Reference in Wily Shorts
"Clock Bad Email" on Newgrounds
A H*R fansite
Homemade flash with H*R on Deviant Art... and another
SB "Switch" ad
H*R references on HighScore Online
"Everybody to the Limit" flash featuring Mario
"Very Low Sodium Band" flash SBE spoof
A couple Newgrounds H*R related flashes
Live-Action Sailor Moon w/ TGS audio #1
Live-Action Sailor Moon w/ TGS audio #2

-Fark stuff
Fark.com Flag Photoshop Contest
Fark.com Magic card Photoshop Contest w/ Trogdor
Trogdor "National Geogrphic" pic from Fark.com Photshop Contest
Fark photoshops The Brothers Chaps
The Cheat in the Monopoly PS Contest
Your pet as a Superhero w/ Trogdor Iguana
Ann Coulter shooting at something w/ SB
TGS in reference is PS contest for "Giant's head coach Jim Fassel after getting stunned by the Cowboys"
H*R characters in real-life situations PS contest
H*R characters as starving street performers PS contest
Harry Potter and the Order of the Burninator
H*R characters get real jobs PS contest

- H*R Card Game (Magic The Gathering Style)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Collected H*R Cards
A new place for the cards
Another fan's H*R cards

H*R, SB and The Cheat costumes
SB Hockey Mask
SV at Otakon
SB costume
SB at Kazecon
Homestar Cosplay... also on HotOrNot
SB and SM costumes

Homestar Runner in the Media

Subway Toy (SB Lookalike)
SB T-shirt in People Magazine
Josh Whedon (creator of Buffy) in SB shirt
Repeat of Josh Whedon
Dialogue of Trogdor reference on Buffy
Relient K's H*R-like tshirt
Bruce Almighty
H*R and Guster
Strong Bad on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn
SB and The Chaps in Entertainment Weekly and a picture of the article
H*R in Time Magazine and again here and a scanned picture of the article here
H*R in Seventeen Magazine
The Cheat T-Shirt in Five Iron Frenzy's "The End is Near" album
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic random H*R names
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Orlando Sentinel
"Call for Help" on Tech TV
The Reunion Show
Cincinnati Enquirer
Tech TV's "Tech Live"
Boston Globe!
H*R on National Review Online
H*R in the NEW YORK TIMES! ... New York TIMES? New YORK TIMES? You think you're better than us? US? U.S.? USA? No way!
Arizona State article on H*R
"I come from the Home Star" in trailer for "Good Boy"
Strong Bad on Sevendust DVD
They Might Be Giants are H*R fans
H*R in The Star Telegram
H*R in SPIN Magazine
Trogdor in Alan Moore's "Smax" comic
NEW YORK TIMES again! (requires registration)
Homestar Mortgage
Full scans on the Wonkavision H*R feature
An article about independent internet animators featuring the Chaps
Homestar Runner Article In "Animation World Magazine"
Local newspaper pop culture quiz with H*R reference
H*R reference by TMBG in Wired Magazine




The Brothers Chaps:

-Other Websites involving the Chaps
The Mellow Mushroom
Thorax Corporation
Preschool Protocops
Matt's animated promo for the band "Ocean Wurm"

-Pictures and Misc
Emotion Eric and The Brother Chaps (H*R characters visible in each picture)
The Chaps at FSU
Matt's role in "All the Real Girls"
The Chaps/They Might Be Giants connection
The Chaps "Folk Implosion" video

Links to a whole bunch of interviews
List of four interviews
BLINK interviews the Chaps on H*R.net
C. Neutron of Run Devil Run interviews the Chaps
Michael Coyle of Resexcellence interviews the Chaps
Chaps radio interview, Parts one and two
Penguin Bros interview with Mike Chapman
Wayne Chinsang of Tastes Like Chicken interviews the Chaps
Wired interview with the Chaps, including picture of Missy Palmer
James Norton of Flak Magazine interviews The Chaps
Kevin Scott of UMFM radio interviews The Chaps
G4TV's Pulse, NOW with Video Links! See Matt DOING the voices. And Missy is HOT.
Club Aquatica.net interviews Matt
"Homestar Brothers talk about their site" on Drexel U's Student Newspapes


Which member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
Half-Life player models
Jurjyfrot's "Which character are you?" on Geocities
Waechow's "Which Character are you?" on Quizzilla
Destructo Cheese's "Which character are you?" on Quizzilla
Enigma13's "Which character are you?" on Quizzila
Charlieweewax's "On a scale of one to awesome, you are..." on Quizilla
The crappiest quiz ever
Which Chicago "El" line are you? Quiz with a H*R reference
Which charcater am I? on nsai.net
Which Homestar Runner Character Are You? by TravTH
Which Strong Bad Email are you?
"Nerd test" with several H*R references
Internet phenomenon quiz, including H*R
TGS Quiz
H*R Valentine by jeudijoli (hot.)
Fun with warning labels quiz


H*R hack of Super Mario Bros.
Lightswitch Rave Dance Dance Revolution
Atari 2600's "Adventure" (Get this freaking duck away from me!)
H*R for Atari
H*R Half-Life Mods
Trogdor Arcade machine on Penny Arcade
Homestar Dungeon Adventure Game
"Pigs on Head" handheld on IGN
Crappy "Homestar Hunt" game
Update on H*R Atari game

Flash and Flash Players

Standalone flash players
The Chaps and Flash
How to save SWFs

H*R Store and Merchandise

Asking for Messenger Bag info
More Messenger Bag info
Keychain info (broken pic links)
More keychain info
Info about

General Merchandise Info
Tabs for playing songs with the musical shirts
H*R stuff at Newbury Comics
H* Panties? (not offical H*R store merch)

Hidden Site Content

Early, unfinished version of "Interview"
Who is Homeschool Winner?
Pictures of Ungraits and Homeschool Winner
Info on Ungraits and Homeschool Winner
Other hidden oddities
Taryn Game
Listing of other hidden stuff

Content Discussions

Use of "Hella" in TGS
How old are the H*R characters
Use of "then you must smoke crack" in Email menu
More crack msoking discussion (Email from the Chaps)
Homestar and the Tao of Pooh
H*R character ethnicity part one and part two
Pros and Cons of a H*R TV show
The Unsung Heroes
"I Really Don’t Know Why I Continue To Watch Homestar Runner Each Week"
Strong Sad... gay? [heh, I couldn't resist]
They Might Be Giant and SB Email #99 - Different Town
Site characters and mental illness

Crap that didn't fit in anywhere else

Strong Bad and Radiskull
The Strong bad Matrix and what happened to it
All of Homsar's appearances
hey_steve and eh_steve on LJ
teen_girl_squad's Live Journal
H*R as Monty Python
Homeland Security and Strategic Training and Response Academy (HomeSTAR) to get $5 Million
The Cheat song thread
The SoBe guy that sounds a little like Strong Bad
Schwarzenegger, The Govenator
How to suck up to the Mod
Lookin' SO good!
Where we all live
Ideas for H*R license plates
Tidbits on the H*R CD
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