August 29th, 2006


ok, i know it's been mentioned sometime ago about the recent lack of sbemail reports. i'm not bothered about the reason, but there's no clear definite of what's gonna happen besides the supposedly "it'll probably die out". i know how redundant the wiki has made them, technically. but i for one prefer not to scroll 5 pages of transcript to get to the easter eggs. and let's not forget that everyone is secretly hoping for the day sirencio bakes up some toasty lady pie.
i know 2049live has agreed to do what he can, but it's not fair on him, and on us, if he has a busy schedule.
if no one objects to it, i'd like to propose a recruitment for guest reviewers. volunteer writes an example of a sbemail report (like the last time sirencio was unavailable), and i suppose the maintainers of this community, or at least respected members would decide who gets the job.
that is, of course, if the majority of this community indeed DO miss the reports. i know they're not really that big a deal, and i wouldn't be so sad if they're gone, but it sure would make me happy if they come back for real. i'll be the first to volunteer for the job. the guest report i did was here, and my example report which i presented sirencio can be found here.

well, tell me what you think about the whole issue anyway. i'm thinking maybe having more than one sbemail reporter can become an issue.

EDIT: thanks for all the responses. since i've been put sorta kinda in charge of this issue, anybody willing to help or anybody wanna talk to me personally about this issue can email me at nothing's stopping you from commenting here too, of course. :)