July 14th, 2006

Double Deuces

No my car is not from 1936...

It's from 20XTY6!

I was told when I bought this car I was the first person in the city to have one (I saw it at the International Auto Show and put down a $500 deposit on it when I got home before they even went on sale) so it's +possible+ I may be the first person in the country to put Homestar Runner plates on one. Either way I'm as giddy as a 7 year old on Christmas morning. Hehe, having H*R plates on your car is SO TOTALLY AWESOME! It makes me want to sing like Strong Bad: "I ammmmmmmmmmmm, so greaaaaaaaat!"


At first I was bummed that "20X6" was already taken, but you know now that I look at it on my car, I'm pleased as punch that I found an original and creative way to do the same thing phonetically. Here's to the Brothers Chaps, may their cartoons rock the casbah from now until my hair turns gray and falls out - hopefully longer!
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    I ammmmmmmmmm soooo greaaaaaat