April 24th, 2006

Anyone want to help?

I really want to get a Homestar Runner themed belt buckle. I think it'd be awesome. And the Homestar store has taken requests (assuming they get enough of them) in the past (examples include the polos, patches, and baseball caps). So, I was trying to see if anyone else was interested in Homestar belt buckles.

A lot of bands and things have belt buckles that are fairly decently priced (usually roughly around $20), so they can't be too expensive to make. And they could make them in character head shapes, or one that says H*R, or other random things. I think it would be pretty cool.

I've gone through and read the FAQs of the store, and it has an e-mail address for suggestions and requests for items at the store. Now, I am NOT saying we should flood their boxes with requests for belt buckles. That would be stupid and rude. But I'm thinking if even just a few of us request Homestar belt buckles, they'll at least consider making them.

The e-mail address for the requests is store@homestarrunner.com. E-mail your requests for belt buckles! And while you're at it, send it requests for other items; shirts, stickets, toys, et cetera!