Darchangel Skye (writinchica2k) wrote in homestar_runner,
Darchangel Skye

In addition to its exemplary execution of the “dine-in” movie theater concept, the Alamo Drafthouse is also one of the final refuges of the old-school, uninterrupted moviegoing experience. As it has explained in a series of cheeky, pre-film bumpers employing the talents of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, George “The Dad From Troll 2” Hardy, and Homestar Runner (not to mention footage of doomed, chatty audience members in films like The Boss and the 1988 remake of The Blob), the Austin-based theater chain has a zero-tolerance policy for people who talk, text, or tweet during a screening.

Most likely guess they're using Email 167 for these bumpers. Yay, bigscreen HSR!
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