Ashes_to_Embers (ashes_to_embers) wrote in homestar_runner,

secret home pages

Ok I know I posted this a long time ago but i forget...
i know there are some secret homepages (maybe some of you wont know this so youll get to go check it for the first time!) I do know that there is the...

Secret strong bad home page which is reached by 'beating' the homestar talker game.

and the...

Secret Homsar homepage(i love this one!) by clicking the 6 (or whatever that number will be in the future) in the "copyright 2000-2006"

I also swear that once ive seen a Strong Sad secret home page... but i can never find it again lol so i dont know if maybe I dreamt it or something. Does anyone know if there is a strong sad home page?
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