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Strong Bad Email #160 - Coloring

I do apologize for the tardiness, especially so when this was actually released on Sunday. We’re in the middle of the move and we barely have internet up until now.

The new e-mail is here.


Easter Eggs:

1. Click on “Dear awesome” after Strong Bad mentions “Red Iculous”.
2. Then click on “some crayon”.
3. Click on Homestar's shirt when he walks up to Marzipan.
4. Click on the word Murder on the chalkboard after Strong Bad asks about Homestar's grades.
5. At the end, click on the Limozeen Coloring Book.

Other Otherness:

1. We also have Screamin’ Green, Electric Lime, Neon Carrot, Purple Pizzazz, and Jazzberry Jam (Which replaced Magic Mint).

1.5. I was gonna do them with nice html colours, but then I gave up looking for the hue. Oh well. How was I gonna do fluorescent colours anyway?

2. Argh. Stop it, don’t make The Cheat say “Okay”. It’s creepy and I hate it when fictional personalities “phase out” their accents, let alone a whole language. On the other hand, I don’t like people who comment on my lack of a Chinese accent, either.
So, don’t let it happen again. Stick with The Cheat speaking monotonous perfect English for Powered by The Cheat and that’s it.

3. So if Strong Bad was at his youth in 1989, and let’s presume that means early teens (interest in music and still play with crayon), which would mean he’s… 30-ish? Unless he was being sarcastic. Like how people say “back in the days” when they were only referring to last year or something.
See? I’m doing it again. We I have too much escapism in my life to tell the difference between fiction and reality. It’s true. I was recently playing Okami for the PS2 and for like a week after I’ve completed it I kept wanting to draw a circle over dead trees and drawing a horizontal line over obstacles.

4. I’m gonna make a guess that all of us here have used crayon which then broke, which then we abandoned, like Strong Bad did. I don’t think it’s a matter of wealth either. I came from a poor family, yet I simply refused to carry on with the broken wax stick.
Also, anybody here has used oil pastel? If yes, did you wonder why did you just paid however much it costed you for some really, REALLY soft crayon?

5. Oh, they made a special one-piece uniform for Strong Mad. Cute.
Also Homestar got leaves for beat poetry, which I’m guessing like a C or a B? And a bird would be an A?

6. Yeah, what the heck IS pressed bunson? Or just bunson for that matter. Google suggests Bunsen (as in the Bunsen Burner). I’m guessing it’s like some kind of a prune? Or Tofu made out of some tree?

7. Overall this is a nice e-mail. You get a nice Limozeen-ness (even the part where SB read out the crayon colours reminded me of “Because, It’s Midnite”), Grandma Teeq, 1337 4lph4b37z, Soy is also murder (it’s worth noting that there’s a supposedly superior alternative soy crayon), “We just call that Blue”, Teacherman, and Larry singing the “Preeeow” was nice.
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