Ashes_to_Embers (ashes_to_embers) wrote in homestar_runner,

was it just me?

...sorry if this is totally false...Or if this was posted somewhere else...(and not to mention a late post to boot..)
But is it just me or was there an extra scene in the carnival of strong bads amazing feats of wonder!!!... i watched all of the "cliff hanger episodes" many times (when they were seperate emails) and i never remember the scene with strong sad and his amazing feet (he has a dress on!) ..but now there is a clip of this now that the 2 emails are combined!!! Was that there the whole time?..was i just oblivious to it for some reason?

I remember it going : Marzipan--->(short appearance by K.O.T)--->Cheats flea prison riot--->housemouth!!

but now it seems to go: Marzipan--->(short appearance by K.O.T)--->Cheats flea prison riot--->Strong sads amazing feet--->housemouth!! (or something like that)

Lol am i totally insane?
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