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Strong Bad Email #159 - Retirement

i wasn't sure if i should make a combined report, but i did it anyway for good measure. the old entries stay to keep the comments there.

The new e-mail is here.


Easter Eggs:

1. Click on Strong Bad’s blue diamond when he mentions the text files.
2. Click on the chimney/pipe/whatjucallit when Strong Bad mentions horse tech supports.
3. click on the electric outlet after a certain green explosion.
4. Click on the Compy's contrast dial when Strong Bad is checking the second e-mail.
5. Click on the Compy’s gear inside its hole after Strong Bad said “Jake South”.
6. Click on the ghosts of Compy and Tandy’s contrast controls, before they flee away.
7. At the end, click on the lappy.

Other Otherness:

1. Oh lord. I wasn’t really ready for Marshie tonight. He makes even less sense than ever this time, but hilarious nonetheless.

2. It’s surprising how many flavour you can give to potato chips. A lot of potato snacks in the UK has begun their “specialty” line, where they imitate flavours of gourmet dishes. It’s a piece of fried potato for crying out loud (having said that, they are quite yummy, but still).
I especially like the special “limited” editions (which ends up staying half of the time). Share with us the best and worst “limited” potato snacks in your experience. My best is the pizza flavoured Pringles, worst is the mix n match Walkers for Comic Relief, Cheese & Pickle flavour.

3. When SB mentioned Hushpuppies, I thought of slushies. I thought that popular slushie company was called Hush Puppies at first, then I remembered they’re called Slush Puppie and I was thinking of the suede shoes company Hush Puppies. I haven’t tried the fried cornbread nicknamed Hushpuppies myself but they don’t sound that appetizing on first impression. A quick trip to wikipedia taught me that the American company The Icee bought the Slush Puppie states division. ECONOMY, EH?
Well, here’s what Hushpuppies looked like:

4. “Oh, Child”? Would someone please please explain this to me? I thought it was a pop culture reference that missed me, but I genuinely looked around and nothing returned. It’s not just a silliness I didn’t find as hilarious as the wiki’s forum found it, is it?

5. I thought we were promised the end of BSoD with Windows XP? Oh sorry excuse me I’m not sure where that came from. I’m gonna go lie down soon because obviously I’m going delirious.

5. Hmmm, the magnet isn’t actually tied on a string. There’s a ribbon shape on top of it, but no string around it to hold it up. I’m surprised the wiki’s not all up on it.

6. Disappointingly, The Brothers Chaps did not provide a new game to be appeared in both e-mails, but instead, the two same ones appeared in the two-parter. The first one is Mastertype

7. Seriously, libation seems a lot less exotic now that I found out it’s the Ancient Greeks who did it first ('cording to wikipedia). I thought it was an Asian thing. Damn.
Oh well, who wanna waste perfectly good liquor, anyway?

8. I've never been to a circus act, at least not the carnival type. I used to work in a tourist attraction and they have a circus act in the basement, with the resident clown Mooky. Circuses don’t interest me but I've seen Mooky without make up once and that totally surprised me (he was quite athletic, too). If I can get backstage access or if it’s a Moulin Rouge-esque act I would definitely not turn it down.

9. The shape Marzipan made resembles closer to Cavatappi if you ask me. She didn’t twist. Anyway, I literally yelped when she did that. Mmmmm, puked up pesto.

10. Right, so not only does Strong Mad have no neck, his whole upper body is a big head/body? Heaby? Boady? I’m gonna stop before I turn into one of those people who apply our reality to fiction.

11. The second game of this e-mail is Silpheed. (note there is also a Sega CD game of the same name released 5 years after the PC version.)

12. Um, regarding the ending scene, doesn’t SB have the Lappy’s toe from the ransom note? Why are they indicating the ghosts know where it is? Also, funny as it is, i do hope SB finds/replaces the Lappy's toe. I'd hate to see him commaless.
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