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Strong Bad Email #159b - Retirement B

The new e-mail is part of retirement. Mirror of this segment and more information on the Homestar Runner Wiki


Easter Eggs:

1. See the entry on the combined e-mail.

Other Otherness:

1. I've never been to a circus act, at least not the carnival type. I used to work in a tourist attraction and they have a circus act in the basement, with the resident clown Mooky. Circuses don’t interest me but I've seen Mooky without make up once and that totally surprised me (he was quite athletic, too). If I can get backstage access or if it’s a Moulin Rouge-esque act I would definitely not turn it down.

2. The shape Marzipan made resembles closer to Cavatappi if you ask me. She didn’t twist. Anyway, I literally yelped when she did that. Mmmmm, puked up pesto.

3. Right, so not only does Strong Mad has no neck, his whole upper body is a big head/body? Heaby? Boady? I’m gonna stop before I turn into one of those people who apply our reality to fiction.

4. This week’s game is Silpheed. (note there is also a Sega CD game of the same name released 5 years after the PC version.)

5. There’s not a whole lot I have to work with this week, despite a very well done ending to a 3-part episode. I have quite a few one liner comments on this e-mails I don’t wanna make a whole point on though: Strong Bad makes a very good barker. Fleas make me shudder like a vibrator hooked to the main power supply. Awww, poor Compy. Awww, the ending scene.

6. Um, now that I mention the ending scene, doesn’t SB have the Lappy’s toe from the ransom note? Why are they indicating the ghosts know where it is?
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