stupidactor (stupidactor) wrote in homestar_runner,

Some of my buses!

This is the extent to which H*R has infiltrated my brain.
I work behind the counter in a restaurant, and one of the guys (who doesn't have English as his first language, just for the record) keeps repeating my name over and over again when we work, whenever he wants to get my attention. It started at "Jim", then went to "Jimmy James", and now resides at "Jimmy Jimmy". Now, he, the bussers, and a few of the waiters are now calling me "Jimmy Jimmy" every day at work. I of course, instinctively say to myself, "Well, there you have it, Jimmy Jimmy," and proceed to get that e-mail stuck in my head for the rest of the shift.
Thank you, H*R, for adding something to my work which is encouraging me to find a new/better job.
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