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Come on by... we're always awesome!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Come on by... we're always awesome!

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A lovely interview with the Bros Chapman! [24 Jan 2017|05:12pm]

From today!

Covers a lot of what they've been up to, what happened during the unexplained hiatuses, and why they never marketed aggressively (I, too, wish I had known about the cheat commandos toys! Still have that t-shirt).
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YES YES YES. [10 Jul 2014|02:20am]

<a href="http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/9/5884841/homestar-runner-creator-says-hes-bringing-his-internet-cartoon-back">homestar runner creator says he's bringing his internet cartoon back</a>.
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[01 Apr 2014|02:49pm]


Just check it out folks...
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[31 Oct 2011|01:04pm]

I know HSR has been dead for a long time but I thought I'd provide this for some laughs.

I was out grocery shopping and I saw a bottle of wine that made me giggle a bit.

I would have bought some if I had leftover money and if I liked wine.
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[06 Jun 2011|04:03pm]

In addition to its exemplary execution of the “dine-in” movie theater concept, the Alamo Drafthouse is also one of the final refuges of the old-school, uninterrupted moviegoing experience. As it has explained in a series of cheeky, pre-film bumpers employing the talents of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, George “The Dad From Troll 2” Hardy, and Homestar Runner (not to mention footage of doomed, chatty audience members in films like The Boss and the 1988 remake of The Blob), the Austin-based theater chain has a zero-tolerance policy for people who talk, text, or tweet during a screening.

Most likely guess they're using Email 167 for these bumpers. Yay, bigscreen HSR!
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'ween costumes 2010 [27 Dec 2010|09:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Surprised I'm the first to post this one.

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[14 Dec 2010|06:20pm]

Xmas Decemberween 2010 toon!
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Art contest at DeviantART's #strongbadia [16 Sep 2010|10:09am]

Poker Night at the Inventory art contest!

Details here :)
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[05 May 2010|08:24pm]

While searching the pictures on my old Livejournal I found this among the pictures. I made this like YEARS ago.

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[12 Apr 2010|01:16am]

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[31 Mar 2010|11:50pm]

HSR: Xeriouxly Forxe!
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[17 Mar 2010|08:47am]

Does anybody know why Homestarrunner.com hasn't been updated in almost 4 months?
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[01 Mar 2010|01:31pm]

There it is... that blindingly-bright red "store" link just LOOKING AT ME. It wasn't there before! Egads-- it knows I'm using bandwidth! It also knows I'm not buying anything! HOMYGAH. Make it stop! The guilt! You are tearing me apaaaart, Chaps!
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Missing Ween... [06 Jan 2010|05:27pm]

Has anyone else noticed the lack of a Decemberween toon? I realize that they must be getting busier and busier, but now that I'm checking H*R less and less, I'm finding less and less updates, as well. Sadness...
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Newish stuff, mostly merch: [24 Dec 2009|03:42pm]

Fan pumpkins, in case anyone missed this.

Decemberween cards for sale (oh I am SO getting a pack for next year)

2010 calendar

B-b...baby clothes?
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[09 Nov 2009|01:10am]

Obscure costumes, ahoy!
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About 50 Thanksgiving Lovers pizzas... [02 Nov 2009|03:14pm]

Where my curiosity led me today...


Not much to it, but I love it!
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[29 Oct 2009|08:56pm]

Happy Homestarloween!

I really liked some of the end costume bits this year, especially the one when you click on the poopsmith.

As always, Homsar is triggered by clicking something in the scene with the poopsmith.
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Ween Toon teaser is up! [28 Oct 2009|01:25am]

[ mood | sleepy ]


Any idea on what the costumes are this year? I'm pretty clueless this time, although Strong Bad is obviously another joke. Homsar looks like he's wearing a Devo hat (google it if you're too young to know what that means :P )

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