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Homestar in Wonka Vision Scans v. 2

Wish me luck!

Hello, all you delictable little people of this group. Yesterday, I finally recieved a magazine I've been waiting for. It's the Spring Issue (2003) of the Wonka Vision Magazine, where they had a 5 page article on Homestar Runner.

Including article on Justin Luczejko's phone interview with the brothers, Homestar Runner Video Game reviews (Trogdor, Awexome Cross 98 and Duck Pond Simulator 3.0), Levels of Homestar Fandom (which are YOU?), Character Interviews, The Bros Chaps top 5 favourite Records of all time, Homestar Runner Character Comprehensive and Factoids and Tidbits.

Since I enjoy this community so much, I scanned in the pages and front cover featuring Homestar for you all. Warning, the cut might take a while to load. But it's all worth it in the long run!

Homestar's first front cover? You tell me.

Blah blah blah

Blah blah [WARNING SWEAR WORD] blah...

Hrm, are you a For'ner, Tourist, or Local?

Flaming hot pokers and scandals!

Did you know Coach Z is named for millionaire Craig Zobel? No? Now you know!

Well I hope you all feel a little more informed now.

Peace out.

Edit: Okay, it should ALL work now, and it should be clear enough for you guys to see. If there's any problems, let me know. And so sorry or having to delete the other post of this - too many kinks and it had to be fixed. So here it is.
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